“Love is not just a passion spark between two people; there is infinite difference between falling in love and standing in love. Rather, love is a way of being, a ‘giving to,’ not a 'falling for’.” ― Irvin D.Yalom

Relationship Counseling

Couples work can vary from intensive wound healing from trauma or betrayals, to communication tune-ups, and everything in between. However one thing remains constant – 100 percent of couples experience conflict, and learning to manage conflict and communicate in a healthy manner improves relationship satisfaction. I am trained and certified in Level 1 of the Gottman Method – the only research based treatment for couples. In the first session I meet with the couple together – we explore relationship history and identify goals. I give assessments for each partner to fill out before our next session. The next session I meet with each partner separately to gather more information before we continue with the couples sessions. This allows me to gather as much information about the history and makeup of the relationship, and sets a strong foundation for the couples work (75 minutes)

Individual Counseling

I operate from a trauma informed and culturally sensitive approach; tailoring treatment to meet the individual needs of each client I work with. My specialties include trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, grief and loss, relationship struggles, identity exploration and existential questioning.  During the initial session, I gather information about your life and the history of the issue(s) that brought you to therapy and we will identify your goals for treatment. From there we work together to help you achieve your goals, and manage symptoms. (55 minutes )


When romantic relationships have ended but there are children involved, it is vital that both parties are able to set aside differences to parent effectively. Co-parenting situations can provide massive stress for all involved parties – but co-parenting therapy works to alleviate the stress by establishing goals and redirecting efforts toward the children.  Children are more perceptive than adults often realize – and even the best-intention parents can unintentionally influence their kids toward or against the other parent. The goals is to cooperate in ways that are necessary to the child’s emotional, and social development. In our first session, I will gather some basic history about the relationship which is relevant to parenting. Then we will identify child-focused goals for our work together.  I like to meet with both parents for the first session, meet with each parent individually for the second session, and go forward with joint sessions from there. (75 minutes)

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Divorce Mediation

Divorce is often traumatic, but often when the decision to divorce has come, it’s usually because the alternative to stay in the relationship is more difficult than the decision to separate. Even when the decision to divorce is well thought out and undoubtedly the best for all involved, it can still be incredibly painful.  The legal divorce process can be increasingly antagonistic for both sides, and the goal of mediation is to make the process as amicable as possible. Divorce mediation services can be used in conjunction with or void of traditional legal services depending on your preference, and usually help to cut the time a traditional divorce process takes. Divorce mediation can give you greater control over decisions such as assets, arrears, and child custody.  If children are involved, there is often overlap with co-parenting services . In our first session, we will begin to identify goals based on what is important to each of you. I like to meet with both partners for the first session, meet with each partner individually for the second session, and go forward with joint sessions from there. (75 minutes)

“Think of it as an important business project; you don’t always love the person that you’re working with, but you work together to get the project done. Co-parents need to adopt this same business model when co-parenting their children.” ~Kela Price